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National Cadet Corps


The National Cadet Corps (NCC) Unit of our Sonamukhi College is affiliated to the West Bengal and Sikkim Directorate. This course has become very popular among the students as it develops a keen sense of discipline and qualities of leadership. The NCC, with its motto of Ekta aur Anushasan (Unity and Discipline) has been providing our young people with opportunities for self-development and avenues to fulfil their potential for growth. In so doing, NCC is playing an important role in shaping the character and moral fibre of our young people, and ultimately the effectiveness and dynamism of the nation. The NCC takes upon itself to provide motivated leadership in all walks of life through interactive curriculum and activities.NCC is dedicated to fostering the spirit of adventure among the youth, but also inculcates social responsibilities and encourages cadets to contribute towards AIDS awareness, Cancer Awareness, Adult education, Anti Dowry, Anti Drugs, Blood Donation Camps, Organ Donation and Cleanliness programmes.


National Cadet Corps a Volunteer Body which is serving the nation since the independence. This wing is managed and controlled by Ministry of Defence . It's Head Quarter is located at Delhi and it is further devided into 17 Directorates and they are further devided into Units and sub units and they control different Coy or Institutes where Volunteer candidates enroll themselves as the NCC cadets . In school it is termed as Junior Division/ JD (For boys) and Junior Wings/JW(For Girls). In colleges they are called as Senior Division/SD ( for boys ) and Senior wings/ SW (for girls).Each unit has more than 1000 cadets under training. Every year new Cadets Enroll themselves and whose term ends they take leave. In school a be college a cadet is enroll for 3 years. During this time period they have to take part in various training programmes organised by Govt. and have to appear ‘A' cert exam in Junior Level and ‘B' and ‘C ' cert exam in College level which give weightage to cadets in their future events socially if they are intend to join military or Para-military forces .

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